By: Abyan Dzaka’*

Education is one of the factors that determine and affect social changing. Through the education, it is hoped to create the next generations to have a good character. It is meant to continue the nation leadership. Unfortunately, outsiders evaluate that thus character is hardly found in the students nowadays. Most of them are involved in quarreling, dating, drunk, gambling, etc. Thus condition snaps at the educators to develop character building. One of the education institutes which derive from Indonesian subculture is “pesantren” or Islamic boarding school. Islamic boarding school is one of the unique institutions with special characteristic. According to Pondok Tahfidz Yanbu’ul Qur’an Menawan teaching, the aim of Islamic boarding school is not for pursuing the interest of authority, money, and secular, but it is for creating the better leader that stands on Al-Qur’an as the source of all sources to achieve back an Islamic glory.

Character education can be implied as the process of essential value planting through some learning activities and supervising. It is done until the students can comprehend, experience, and integrate the value that becomes core value in their education into their personality.

“Qur’an Amali-Amal Qur’ani” is a system which places Al-Qur’an as the priority reference, so the character of Islamic students reflects Al-Qur’an like had been acted by Rasulullah S. A. W.

Lately, government had applied the character building in the education in every school in Indonesia, but the result of character building is still unknown until now. It is proven by the accidents that bother society, such as quarreling, dating, drunk, gambling, robbery which are acted by the students. It shows that they are still violent and arbitrary. We can foresee the effect of fewer attitudes and the lack of religion knowledge in the students that is harming our country by corruptions. It is caused by the system that is conducted by the school to build the character is inappropriate. How can that happens to us? The answer is the weakness of system rule and fewer supervising. As a matter of fact, Islamic boarding school has a good track record in both matters. Therefore, Islamic boarding school has a big role and responsibility for building Indonesian character. It is the most effective place to actualize the system. History had proven that this nation is born from the hand of kyai and ulama’ through their Islamic boarding school. It can be also said that Islamic boarding schools as the base of Indonesian fight.

As what had happened lately, the implementation of the education in Indonesia is more oriented to hard skill-based education which is more aimed to develop intelligence Quotient (IQ), but less developing in soft skill ability which is poured into Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Spiritual Quotient (SQ). The learning in every school, even until the university, emphasizes more to the result of the score. Teachers nowadays are still thinking that a good score means a good competence, but the reality shows not.

As the time goes, hard skill-based education will create the graduations who have the achievements in academic field only, should be fixed. Now, the learning also should be in soft sill developing-based, because it is very important to build the nation character until the students can have the moral, have the ethics, polite, and easily interact with the society. Soft skill education rests on mentality education, so that the students can adapt with the reality. The success of someone is not determined by the knowledge and hard skill only, but also soft skill, because it will influence the character of someone. Therefore, the system of “Qur’an Amali-Amal Qur’ani” should be applied in the character education in all education institutes, especially Islamic boarding school.

The implementation of “Qur’an Amali-Amal-Qur’ani” system for character building at the Islamic boarding school, firstly Islamic boarding school must place Al-Qur’an as the source of all sources. So, the Islamic students should memorize or learn Al-Qur’an. This is the obligation to apply  “Qur’an Amali-Amal-Qur’ani” system and it is also the job of the Muslim to conserve it. Later on, Al-Qur’an is interpreted by the keys of knowledge, those are language and math. Language to interpret the content of al-Qur’an, math to open tauhid knowledge which is contained in biology, physic, chemistry, geography, and technology that are also discussed in Al-Qur’an. After those are done, the Islamic students will realize who actually creates all things in the world and how small the human is in the view of The Creator. So, the Islamic students will be grateful to their Creator by worshipping their Creator by using fiqih, hadith, and tafsir. After the Islamic students have the relation to their Creator, then the Islamic students should have the relation to the surrounding society by mastering aqidah akhlak, PKn, IPS, scout, prakarya,  and sport. If those are done by the Islamic students, so they will be very easy to be built the character because they already have the awareness to be grateful to their Creator by doing the good deed.

Here is the simple conclusion of the paragraph above:

  1. Al-Qur’an : The source of all sources.
  2. Keys of Knowledge : Language and Math.
  3. Tauhid Knowledge : Physic, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, IT.
  4. Worship Knowledge : Fiqh, Hadith,
  5. Interaction : Aqidah Akhlak, PKn, IPS, Scout, Prakarya,

Beside forming the Islamic students’ character, discipline should be concerned by the strict rules which are directed to Islamic students’ benevolence and the activities that support in training social sensitivity, such as labor service, the training of basic leadership, berzanji, praying together, scout, martial arts, and still many other else. Those all will be more complete to build students’ character who have high social soul.

Actually, to form the students’ character is very easy. It only needs the habit from a little forcing, more supervising, and controlled area. All of them are the keys to build the good character for students. While Islamic boarding school has fulfilled all stipulations to build the good character, that is why Islamic boarding school is said to be the most effective place to actualize the system. So, the centre point to build the great next generation of Indonesia who has a good attitude, behavior, manner, and intelligence is from Islamic students of Islamic boarding school.

The steps that can be developed by the Islamic boarding school in forming students’ characters are:

  1. Importing the character concept in every learning activity by:
    1. Adding the point of benevolence to the students.
    2. Using the way that can make the students have desiring to do the benevolence.
    3. Developing to love the benevolence.
  2. Making the slogan or talking wall that can sprout up the good habit in every matter.
  3. Supervising continuously. Several matters which should be supervised are:
    1. The discipline in all matters.
    2. The habit in eating.
    3. The habit in social intercourse.
    4. The habit in following the activities of boarding school.

From all of those things, the opportunity in actualizing character building by “Qur’an Amali-Amal Qur’ani” system is very high, because it is influenced by several matters. First, the pattern of boarding school leadership is independent and supported by all sides. Second, the reference is coming from Al-Qur’an, the source of all sources. Third, value system which is chosen from the other reference.

The writer analyzed that there are five factors that can support the successfulness of this system. They are: environment (boarding system or living together), teacher’s behavior as the central figure, an agreed rule as the main handler of Islamic students’ character, Islamic students’ ability to undertake all rules, and the support from the parents. Those five compartments should work together until forming a chain system that hooks and strengthens each other. Finally, it will create the constitution which is wanted by all sides.

While for the other analysis, the writer analyzed there are four strategies that can support “Qur’an Amali-Amal Qur’ani” system in the character building at Islamic boarding school. They are:

  1. Normative approach, all staffs of Islamic boarding school and the students make the good constitution that is based on character education value. By doing that, the collective responsibility will create social control system.
  2. Model approach, all staffs of Islamic boarding school make an effort to become the model from all rules that had been decided.
  3. Reward and punishment approach, this matter is for stimulating and motivating the Islamic students to obey the rules.
  4. Studying environmental approach, by sticking the good sentence and motivation on the wall, holding the speech, holding the competitions, etc.

From all statements above, it can be concluded that “Qur’an Amali-Amal Qur’ani” system should be implemented in every Islamic boarding school, because Islamic boarding school is the only most effective place to apply it. By supporting “Qur’an Amali-Amal Qur’ani” system with the activities which add the good value into students, innovation steps of Islamic boarding school, four complement strategies of “Qur’an Amali-Amal Qur’ani” system, and continuous supervising, it will afford the graduations who have high intelligence and good character that promote Indonesian nation and achieve back an Islamic glory.

*The writer is member of CSSMoRA Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya periode 2016 tecnique informatic

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